How Do U.S. Hispanics Use Social Media Differently From the General Population?

U.S. Hispanics use social networks differently than the typical U.S. population. Their unique behavior is best observed on Facebook. They’re using it to keep in touch with each other and keep up to date on the day-to-day happenings of their lives no matter where they may live. They also tend to use Facebook to ask their friends and family for their opinion on items or services they’re looking into purchasing.

When it comes to brands, Hispanics tend to engage with brands in a positive manner, vs. reaching out for a negative reason. Oftentimes, general market audiences will use Facebook and Twitter to complain directly to a brand. Hispanics are known for being optimistic, which is likely why they don’t tend to turn to social networks to vent or complain, and instead often reach out to brands to have positive, informative and light-hearted conversations.

Hispanics are highly engaged on Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest, but Facebook still has the widest reach. The option Facebook gives brands to target Hispanic consumers based on their language affinity is truly valuable. Facebook's a great platform for a brand that has a limited budget and wants to understand how their customers behave and react to them.

What Kind of Marketing Content Resonates with U.S. Hispanics?

Light humor really resonates with the U.S. Hispanic audience, as long as it fits with the context of the brand. Hispanics are also very optimistic, appreciate celebration and react well to inspirational quotes. Videos should be short and hard-hitting and should obviously work well on mobile.

Advertising to U.S. Hispanics

Data shows that U.S. Hispanics tend to be more open to advertising than the general population. As long as the advertising connects with them and doesn’t feel overboard or overbearing.

Smart Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a major role in how U.S. Hispanics engage online with company brands, friends and family, powered by their heavy smartphone usage. To learn how to improve your marketing to Hispanics, feel free to see the below cited resources.


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