Many sites have thousands of pages of content. Ensuring that the content you create is on strategy is the first step. Our content managers take your content one step further, ensuring the blogs, videos, white papers, case studies, and more are distributed to the right audience, at the right time, across multiple channels.

To begin, we analyze your existing content and classify it based on where it falls within the buying cycle, its emotional appeal, and whether it’s speaking to your targeted buying personas (determined during our market research). Using this information, we can identify areas that need improvement and recommend edits, rewrites, or additional content creation from scratch.

Based on our recommendations, gathered through market research and content analysis, we create a customized, detailed editorial calendar that maps out what content—original and repurposed—will be served up to each persona over time. Content calendars can deliver recommendations based on personas, verticals, channels, and more. We will help manage the life cycle of your content—from launch to retirement—and maximize your investment. Our content managers can support your team through the workflow and governance of content throughout your organization. We’re adept at coordinating reviews, approvals, and invention of solutions to fill the gaps when a particular piece of content is stuck in the review process.


Dental marketing is a complex process. Endodontic Internet marketing is a completely different strategy than that of a general dentist, which is why Brandegy fully trains our marketers about the dental industry. If your marketing company doesn’t know about basic dentistry, how can it reach your customers?


Dental Marketing by Expert Dental Marketing Professionals

Lead and demand generation are often thrown into the same category even though they’re two different initiatives. This is how we take a look at the key differences.


As a dentist, you know exactly what sets you apart from your competition. To potential patients, however, your practice may be getting lost in all the noise. So how do you break through barriers in your market that could be holding your practice back from achieving its goals? The solution is simple: Activate advanced online marketing strategies that will increase your local visibility and attract new patients. Continue reading to learn four exciting ways you can launch your dental practice into new realms of success.


  • Your site will be ‘findable’ by search engines

  • You will increase your visibility online

  • You will outrank your competition

  • We offer full visitor reporting​​

  • We help you achieve high ranking in your area

  • We use reliable, effective SEO strategies

  • We understand search optimization and our team delivers results

  • We will enable patients to find you quickly on all search engines

  • Comprehensive keyword analysis and research

  • Mobile version optimization


See how our dental marketing strategy will grow your new patients. Contact us (801.899.6272) to learn how we can help you build out your dental practice.