We know that as a startup, stealth-mode, or SMB business you don't have time to scour the web for resources that can help you manage your marketing needs. No need to worry. Brandegy has created several resources to help you out:




The 10 Brand Naming Commandments


A thoughtful naming process usually takes a few months. And that’s before your lawyers get their hands on your naming candidates to vet them. You’ve heard that old saying, “never enough time to do it right, always enough time to do it over”? There’s a reason that adage is so common.


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What's the Difference Between a Brand and a Brand Name?


We’re glad you asked. People can be very promiscuous with the word brand. Even some marketing types. They bandy the word about when what they’re really referring to is the brand name. And vice versa. So what’s the difference between the two? 


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Why use a Marketing Agency?


Does your organization have professional marketing skills in-house? Will these resources suffice to get the job done on time? What about industry knowledge and an extensive network of contacts? Do you have a budget and is it important to get an external perspective? Which market, country or countries do you wish to market to and will these command local cultural knowledge or language skills? These are just some of the questions you will need to answer when deciding whether to manage your marketing in-house or to use a marketing agency.


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Why Your Brand Name is So Important?


Your brand name is the foundation for all your other marketing efforts. It’s part of your customers’ very first experience of your brand–and likely, every experience thereafter. It’s the verbal cue that conjures up your brand in your customers’ minds. When customers see or hear your brand name for the first time, the associations and reactions they have will start to define your brand in their minds, for better or worse.


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Building Brilliant Brands


We believe informed creative makes lasting and quantifiable impressions. That attention is no longer just bought; it’s also earned. And you have to provide valuable content precisely when and where your prospects and customers want it. So rather than shouting at customers, we engage in conversations. We facilitate meaningful – and lasting – brands. And we create interactive experiences that are visible, useful, usable, desirable and engaged.


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Branding Product Lifecycle


What does Brandegy's branding product lifecycle process look like? Brandegy follows a proven process that includes three phases and five steps. 


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